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Blue Fin Tuna

Whole or H&G

Bluefin is the darkest and fattiest tuna. The raw meat is red, when cooked it is off-white. The flavor is mild and distinctive. It resembles a beef steak in color and firmness. The Japanese use the red muscle that runs through the body to enable long-distance, fast swimming for sushi or sashimi.

Cal. 144, Fat cal. 44, Total fat 4.9g, Sat. fat 1.3g, Cholesterol 38 mg, Sodium 39 mg, Potassium 252 mg, Protein 23.3g, Iron 1g.

Cooking Methods:
Keep fish slightly undercooked (medium rare). The fish will be light, the meat firm and the flavor intense. Bluefin is delicious broiled, grilled or baked.


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