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Mahi-mahi is an exceptionally versatile fish, having firm, white meat and a delicate flavor.

Mahi mahi (cooked, dry heat), 3 oz. (84.9g) Calories: 118, Protein: 25.5g, Carbohydrate: 0.0g, Total Fat: 1.0g, Fiber: 0.0g selenium (40mcg), Niacin (10mg), and Vitamin B 6 (0.88mg)

Cooking Methods:
Broiled, poached, baked, sautéed, grilled, or pan-fried, mahi-mahi delivers a truly sensational taste. Mahi-mahi is one of those fish that is wonderful just about any way you can think to prepare it, from the simple to the complex, minimal ingredients to multiple ingredients, subtle to strong flavors.


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