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Lobsters grow by moulting, known as shedding their shell. After a moult "usually in the summer months", the lobster is soft-shelled and filled with the seawater it has absorbed during process. Up to two months pass before the absorbed seawater is replaced by new lobster meat. As the shell hardens in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, the meat's texture and taste improve and the lobster acquires a denser, fuller feel. Atlantic Canada's staggered fishing seasons are designed to protect summer moults which allows the industry to deliver the hard-shelled, full-meated lobster valued by consumers. The waters of Atlantic Canada are divided into 41 Lobster Fishing Areas, each with its own season, varying in length from eight weeks to eight months. This seasonal effort is complemented by new and innovative techniques in holding and processing lobster. Traditionally, live lobsters excess to market demand are held in pounds (large, fenced areas of the ocean) but recently huge dry-land holding facilities are more common. As a result, buyers around the world are guaranteed a secure, year-round supply of top-quality lobsters from Canada.

Atlantic Canada's Staggered Fishing Seasons

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Atlantic Canada's staggered fishing seasons.

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